High Creative Studio was born in 2012 with a northern Portuguese accent and a clear objective: to care for your brand and make it grow.


It’ been a long time since she surpassed the average life expectancy of ordinary Chinchillas. But our elder is the Niemeyer of the species, she marks her presence with all her joviality herein the agency. She makes the quality control of cookies and nuts and keeps the team’s morale high. And guarantees compliance with hygiene and safety rules at work, encouraging physical exercise – picking her up from under the furniture is not easy at all!
She is our biggest fan and puts us a good mood, at least as much as possible for a chinchilla.


Always listening to the team and his headphones, Carlos, a social media enthusiast, is always up to date with Instagram trends and Facebook innovations. He arrived at the team shy, attentive as a cougar, but he quickly showed his fun side. Interested in new places and people, he came to the company looking to progress! This is Carlos.



Addressing everything that concerns strategy and marketing, Bárbara aces it every time. Slightly shy, but with the necessary ferocity to put her hands to work, she is always ready to learn new things. The only member of the team who does not drink coffee, but still has plenty of energy. She loves to travel, but in the company she flies through market research and advertisements.

This is Barbara.


 From Eastern Europe, with her shy and curious smile, Laura arrives at the agency.

With her passion for photography and attention to detail in her designs, she leaves her mark and personality on all the brands she works.

Her fuel is coffee and that is the secret to not falling asleep and the brands passing her by. She values ​​team spirit and leaves a little bit of herself in each and every one of us, when she shares her traditional Lithuanian sweets with everyone.

This is Laura.


Always ready to address everything web related. Web design is his thing but is always interested to explore new things. Exercise is his favorite hobby, but it is the mind that works the most when it is necessary to put creativity into practice. His good vibe makes him travel, but he is always down to earth with the brands he works with.

This is Gonçalo.


In the agency, everyone recognizes her for her accent and determination. Filipa conquers anyone with her authenticity and leaves nothing unsaid. Creativity and originality are undoubtedly two of her strengths that allow her to be always up to date with the latest trends. Competitive, like a group lioness, you can always see her doing her best.

This is Filipa.


Approaching Google Ads and social networks, as if they were puzzles, and always looking for new ideas. Pedro leaves creativity at the base of his thoughts and fun in his behavior, but when something it´s not right it is the “sound of the right price” that plays. He is always one step ahead because curiosity killed the cat and not the hyena. Paid ads, get ready to stay.

This is Pedro.


Although she has the will of a Lion, Beatriz is our pet, social, protective and sentimental rabbit. Our Social Media Manager and Copywriter lives for the long sunny days. As she likes colors, she tries to find the pantones that best combine creativity with strategy and that is what makes her truly happy. In her spare time (and not only), she is passionate about swimming, music, culture, arts, entertainment and, of course, everything that involves communication, brands and marketing.

Outside the office, if she is not sleeping, there is a good chance that you will find her riding a bicycle or with a glass of gin in hand. Of course not both at the same time.


Joana is our Designer, and just as a wolf, dominates her territory and nobody beats her in the abilities with pencils and brushes With a trained eye and able to find faults 3 km away, she ensures that no brand leaves our hands without having been thoroughly worked on. she suffers from the so-called “clinical eye” and detail is her middle name. The wolf preserves his space and likes little invasions, so does Joana. So be careful when approaching, but one thing is certain, there is no bran that does not look better after going through her hands.


Faster than his own shadow, Gonçalo is always connected to the plug! As quick and astute as a fox, our Account Manager wears his heart in his sleeve (sensitive people, brace yourselves), but if it is true that he doesn’t stop at the exit, it’s also undeniable that the world fits in his chest. His fuel is passion and the will to make it happen. This is your secret weapon to snatch our customers. In fact, he treats each brand as if they were his own and with its refined “nose” he always finds business opportunities. A restless mind that makes us lose our minds but captivates and gives us joy.


Victória is our Project Manager and CEO. The leadership of the agency is female. In a permanent state of alert, like any self-respecting meerkat, she controls all production, fighting on several fronts and at great speed. She keeps track of the latest news in papers, pantones, types of printing and more than 300 other things miles away. She suffers from permanent hypothermia and her office feels like the interior of the Alentejo during the month of August. The mobile phone is certainly an extension of her arm, and the title of queen of the budgets is hers by adverse possession.


Inês is our CEO and Creative Director. Sweet and the owner of a contagious laugh, it is easy to see why her animal is the Labrador (aka “Pipi” as it is called here at the agency, a story that we will tell you one day). Able to foresee the result of any work, she is the one that guarantees that from A to Z, all supports come out perfect. When chaos sets in, a superhuman calm descends on her and she keeps everything on track. Nothing can take her down or take away her ability to see the positive side, even in the “mud”. She keeps the team’s spirit present and in good health, and ensures that each element always gives its best.

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